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#004 Windstopper

#004 Windstopper

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Windstopper #004
100% Nylon
Road safe
Washable at 30ºC

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What is my size?

To find your size, first measure your chest over your nipples.Then measure the waist across your waist at the level of your belt. You will find these two measurements in the table with your size above. If you are still a bit unsure, no problem, because the Hybrid Blue suit has a lot of stretch and gives enough tolerance. lf you are still too uncomfortable, take a look at our youtube link in which our senior tailor clearly shows you how to measure.

Where and how is the suit manufactured?

The Hybrid Blue suit was engineered by our technicians in the Netherlands with their sixty years of tailoring expertise and is produced at our longterm partner in China with whom we have had a relationship for 20 years, The choice of production in China is simple because only there a symbiosis of formal and sportswear tailoring can be made.

What materials are used and are they sustainable?

The Hybrid Blue suit is made of a super stretch 100% polyester of which 37% is generated from corn leaves. This makes this polvester the most sustainable variation on the market but we are not done yet and keep developing, searching, digging and nagging for even better variations.37% plant based -35% less energy - 50% less Green House Gas

How do I clean my suit?

We also solved that compared to other suits. The Hybrid Blue suit is simply machine washable at 30 degrees. After washing you just hang it out so don't spin it. The suit is wrinkle-free and after drying ready for your next challenging day.

What if it doesn't fit?

No problem if you don' like your size or the product then just send it back. Click on the link below. fill in your details and download the ticket. We will send you a return dispatch note and your purchase amount will be refunded immediately

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dean Hayden
A plus for style

Perfect for tech professionals always on the go. The Windstopper material is not only weatherproof but also adds a plus for style.


The Windstopper nylon material is both stylish and functional.

Bill G.
A sudden downpour

The Windstopper material is a dream in drizzle conditions, and the weatherproof feature kept me dry during a sudden downpour.

Rad F.
The ideal package for urban cyclists!

The ideal package for urban cyclists! Windproof materials provide excellent weather protection, and road safety features add a layer of safety. Appreciate its washability at 30ºC, keeping it fresh after every commute.