Meet The Team

Jos Steenbrugge - Fabric Innovator

After wrapping-up my windsurf career and swapping it for scissors as suit and fabric engineer, it has always bothered me new fabric innovations have never entered this product category. Suits are still mainly made of wool and the biggest suppliers are averse to technical innovations because their co-ownership in sheep farms making wool their focus raw material. Whether it's weatherproof, wrinkle proof, stretchable and washable or let alone the combination of all this, these suppliers let it pass by without a glance. So, for me this was the drive to cram all possible sportswear innovation into a sustainable formal suit that changes the life of the modern commuter in style and comfort while still maintaining elegance.
With the new Hybrid Blue suit, we are shaking up a hundred-year-old concept of a wool business suit and making this product ready for the future with all the latest fabric innovations. We are convinced that today's suit should be able to defy the weather and city elements and provide the user with every possible convenience and comfort.

Benjamin Su - Product Innovator

After completing my MSC study in the Netherlands, I embarked on a unique journey that led me from a career in the global leading IT industry to a completely different domain of tailor-made suits. Soon, I was ,too, gripped by the lack of innovation in the traditional suit industry. Presenting a dynamic and comfortable look for individuals who still appreciate wearing suits became essential for people working in the business, like me. Over the years, my homeland, China, has emerged as the epicenter of the garment industry, where all the associated innovations were simply sourced for me. Drawing from my experience in both tailor-made formal business suits and fashionable ,casual clothing, the challenge of the new Hybrid Blue suit for me was to create a versatile and high-quality suit with the tailoring knowledge that accompanies it – a single suit that could serve multiple occasions.The road to achieve an elegant and well-tailored business suit, filled with a number of comfortable and innovative features, was quite long, but we succeeded. I am proud that we have developed the Hybrid Blue suit, which closely aligns with today's consumers. Because, at the end of the day, it's all about dressing individuals with comfort and style. Along the way, we've made commuting easier and contributed to a planet with less waste.