The suit that contributes to reducing CO2

The suit that contributes to reducing CO2

The hybrid blue suit is not just a fashion statement; it’s a sustainable solution for reducing carbon emissions.

Designed with innovative features, this suit aims to make a positive impact on the environment while keeping you stylish.

Due to the special properties of the Hybrid Blue suit, it can be included in a cycling incentive program and thus contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint.

Which could be interesting in the context of the draft decision “CO2 reduction in work-related personal

The suit that contributes to a more sustainable world

As a product that’s on the forefront of the shift from oil-based materials to bio- based ones.

The revolutionary Bio-PDO compound turns a formerly chemical process into an eco-efficient biological one ‘’mobility”, which will come into effect next summer

We are a suit that delivers on its promises. A suit that allows you to be connected to the world around you.

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